Cataract surgery in Miami Beach

Cataract Surgery in Miami Beach

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Cataracts in Miami Beach

There are many ways that your vision can be compromised. The blurry vision that is caused by the eye disease cataracts can be remedied permanently with surgery performed by our eye surgeon, Thomas Weiss, MD, PA. Gain back clearer vision and your independence and confidence along with it.

Have you been wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses to act as a solution for your cataracts? For most people, that’s a fantastic and effective solution that can be taken advantage of for a long time. And because the condition does not cause any harm to the structure of your eyes, the nerves, or the blood vessels, there is nothing that can result from it that is not treatable. If you can no longer experience the degree of vision you want, even with prescription lenses, our cataract surgery in Miami Beach is exactly what you need. The reason that your vision has been hindered is the deposits of protein that form on the outside of your eye lenses. Over time, they grow in both size and quantity. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove those deposits from your eyes. But the lenses themselves can be removed. Our cataract surgery in Miami Beach involves that, along with the replacement of them with prosthetic lenses called IOLs. The outcome is that you will have renewed visual clarity and sharpness for distance vision. You might still need reading glasses to see ideally up close, depending on the type of IOLs you get.

Start making your list right now. How many activities will you be able to resume or to enjoy better once you have achieved the improvements made possible by our cataract surgery in Miami Beach? Driving, reading, using a computer, playing sports, quilting, the possibilities are endless. Reach out to our office to arrange an appointment for a consultation and examination.

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